Modart Book #02


Modart Book #02 is a showcase of what we love about street art, a shared human condition (mousse) and a movement in art that sees work quickly dismissed as ‘shit’ and almost as quickly digested until it’s perceived as ‘THE shit.’

The first half of the book focuses on what follows Street Art and traces a subversive movement known as Moussism back to Caravaggio.

The second half of the book gives some insight into projects Modart participated in during 2009/10 and talking about various artworks via antidotes about our escapades in Brussels, Berlin, Tirana, Miami and other cities around the world.

Artists include:
Dadara (NL), Logan Hicks (USA), The Math Rat (BZ), Morcky Troubles (IT), Alex Diamond (DE), Admir Jahic / The Invisible Heroes (CH), Faith47 (SA), Swanski (PL), Byram (BE), Boris Hoppek (DE), H. Beagle (USA), ROA (BE), Ripo (USA) and Smash137 (CH).