Modart Book N#1

15.00 - On Sale

Finally - the first copies of our first book are back from the printer and we've got something to celebrate. The first thing we'd like to say is Thank You to everybody who has been so patient as our release dates kept getting pushed back. Until now we've just received 5 copies and expect the bulk of the shipment by the end of January. As soon as we've got them, we'll be in touch with all subscribers and begin taking orders.

The book is a 'best of Modart magazine', and gives an overview of what we printed and thought about during those years. Looking back it almost feels like we were watching the end of something special. To consider, the 'end of what', maybe you have to flip through the book and find you own story in there. Whatever else you might see inside, you will find page after page of exciting art from some real living masters.

Hard Cover / Same format as the magazine... 256 page... books 2 and 3 surely won't get stuck in the same long process. Stay tuned for more Modart soon.

More info about our 2nd book: